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LS Island / LS Land
LS Island Issue-01 (My Childhood)

With this first issue we are starting our new project! Absolutely new approach will be realized in our future issues. New technologies, new photographers, new models - that is just a short list of novelties we are working on. We hope that during the summer you will remain with us and share with our Team summer adventures of our undoubtedly charming lolitas. We promise, that you will never forget this summer.. Summer on Island of irresistible temptations and unforgetable moments of joy!

[Image: my_childholld.jpg]

Issue 01 My Childhood | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Island Issue-01 (My Childhood).rar
LS Island Issue-02 (In The Middle)

We go on with our new project. However, our following issues will be even more exciting and will astonish you by the variety of new themes, gorgeous girls and new styles used for photos. We still try to do everything possible to amuse and to please you. The summer continues - so, stay together with our Team and you won't miss the opportunity to be aware of all interesting things that are happening to your favourite lolitas during this wonderful and hot time of the year! Never doubt that summer of 2004 will stay in your mind quite vividly for a long time, and these unforgetable memories will always make you feel warm. Never reject such sweet temptations and grab your.

[Image: in_the_middle.jpg]

Issue 02 In The Middle | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Island Issue-02 (In The Middle).rar
LS Island Issue-03 (Midsummer)

This issue will certainly give pleasure to all admires of our previous work. You will make sure that regardless of any circumstances we always try to bring some new and fresh ideas into our projects, and all the members of our Team thoroughly work at the images of our splendid models and provide the most exciting surroundings for them, which always go straight to the soul. Summer is going on, so, it is a good occasion for you to forget all your troubles and just enjoy this wonderful season of the year! If you still do not feel happy than you are missing our magnificent lolitas who will never let you to have a tedious time and will fascinate you by their charming smiles.

[Image: midsummer.jpg]

Issue 03 Midsummer | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Island Issue-03 (Midsummer).rar
LS Land Issue-01 (Perfects)

Please welcome the first issue of our absolutely fantastic project!!!! We hope that this project and sites will be just what you always dreamed of! This is a place where you will be able to see your fantasies and ideas realized in pictures. Gorgeous lolitas tried their best in order to show you their unique beauty and artistizm. But still we are leaving a place for your imagination!

[Image: perfects1.jpg]

LS Land Issue-01 (Perfects) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue 01 (Perfects).rar
LS Land Issue-02 (Assorties)

We are proud to present you the next issue of our project. This site presents you a possibility to find your favourite lolita and to appreciate her beauty. They say tastes differ! But collections presented in this new issue will satisfy any demanding lover of young beauties. One can find here something which was missed in our themed sites. So many absolutely different from one another girls! So many perfect shots and brilliant ideas! Each one like a candy - sweet and bright!

[Image: assorties1.jpg]

LS Land Issue-02 (Assorties)| Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-02 (Assorties).rar
LS Land Issue-03 (Merry Christmas)

In order to greet our Dear Customers with upcoming holidays we prepared special edition which is devoted to Christmas theme. Beuatiful Santas and their little helpers came to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This time girls didn't even try to pose for the camera. Inspired by the Christmas they were simply having fun! At the same time, they looked even more prettier! Well, you can check it by yourself!

[Image: Merry%20Christmas1.jpg]

LS Land Issue-03 (Merry Christmas) | Full Models List (CLICK)
LS Land Issue-03 (Merry Christmas) | Video Bonus Preview (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-03 (Merry Christmas).part1.rar

LS Land Issue-03 (Merry Christmas).part2.rar

LS Land Issue-03 (Merry Christmas).part3.rar
LS Land Issue-04 (Fairyland)

Fairyland is a magic world of beautiful and sensetive heroes of fairy tales. This world is a place where you can find your fantasies realized and pictured. Young lolitas dressed in fantastic costumes will remind you amazing stories from your childhood, meanwhile presenting you their beautiful bodies. It is a real and at the same time wonderful piece of art!

[Image: Fairyland1.jpg]

LS Land Issue-04 (Fairyland) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-04 (Fairyland).rar
LS Land Issue-05 (Meadow)

We invite you to our beautiful meadow, where you will be comforted and heartily welcomed! This is a place where you can relax and quietly enjoy the precious gifts of stunning lolitas, appreciate their beauty and haress your sight! Young ladies dressed in fantastic costumes were posing for you and only for you in order to share with you the beauty of nature given to them!

[Image: Meadow1.jpg]

LS Land Issue-05 (Meadow) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-05 (Meadow).rar
LS Land Issue-06 (Little Pirates)

Here it comes - the new issue of LS Land! Have you ever heard about pirates?! These fantastic stories about pirates we read hundreds of times and every time we tried to imagine and actually experienced in our imagination all the adventrures of these brave, though sometimes cruel people. Our little lolitas really love these stories and tried to realize their dreams about pirates during these shootings. Who said that a girl can't be a pirate?!

[Image: Little%20Pirates1.jpg]

LS Land Issue-06 (Little Pirates) | Full Models List (CLICK)
LS Land Issue-06 (Little Pirates) | Video Bonus Preview (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-06 (Little Pirates).part1.rar

LS Land Issue-06 (Little Pirates).part2.rar
LS Land Issue-07 (Cowboys)

Our gorgeous lolitas are ready to protect you in any situation! Armed to the teeth they will stand before you and will not let you out of this magic LS Land till you be fully satisfied! This issue is devoted to our young actresses, which will show you a cowboy strength and beauty of a real girl! The storm of feelings will overwhelm you and you will be pleasantly surprised and may be even shocked by the stunning beauty of these cowboy ladies. You will be the one, whom they protect from cruel real world outside your room. This imaginary world is just what you have always dreamed of!

[Image: Cowboys1.jpg]

LS Land Issue-07 (Cowboys) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-07 (Cowboys).part1.rar

LS Land Issue-07 (Cowboys).part2.rar

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